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Scythe Pack of 8 Device Stabilisers

Code: SKU-Scythe-Pack-of-8-Device-Stabilisers-1
Scythe Pack of 8 Device Stabilisers
  • Weight: 0.400 Kgs
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Price: £4.00

“These simple general-purpose rubber feet can work wonders at reducing vibrations from any number of different things, and are available in two sizes.

Scythe's Device Stabilisers are self-adhesive rubber feet available in two different sizes - small and large. The feet are used to reduce vibrations which can be generated by a number of things. For example, they can reduce the vibrations a fan can produce while attached to the PC case or even on the side panels of the case. But the feet are not solely for PCs: anything that generates vibrations can benefit from the Device Stabilisers, such as games consoles, audio equipment and PVRs, to name just a few.



  1. Helps reduce vibrational noise
  2. Eight feet per package
  3. Self adhesive rubber feet
  4. Varied application: PCs, consoles, PVRs etc.





  Device Stabiliser L Device Stabiliser S
Model Number SCDS-1000-L SCDS-1000-S
Weight 9g per foot 0.75g per foot
Dimensions 30mm diameter and 15mm height 11mm diameter and 5mm height
Number of feet 8 per package
EAN barcode 4571225046914 4571225046921

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